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The Art of Film

Window Film for Hospitals, Medical Facilities

Most window films are clear, but hospitals and medical facilities can expect to see big improvements by adding it to their windows. Window films...

Factories, Manufacturing Benefit from Window Film

When it comes to running an efficient factory, worker safety is key. You might be surprised to learn that window film can help in this department. ...

How does Window Film work?

Window film is a self-adhesive, polyester coating that can be applied to the windows of commercial buildings to serve a variety of functions. There...

Window Film Warranty Information

When it comes to residential window films, 3M offers a lifetime warranty on most applications. This mean that 3M, one of America’s most-trusted bra...

5 Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Owning a home is a great investment, but caring for it can also be quite expensive. One way you may be able to save some of your hard-earned money ...

4 Ways Window Film Can Save You Money

Adding window film to your home can lead to some long term savings! 1. It can reduce your energy bills If your windows are in pretty good shape, yo...

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