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Factories, Manufacturing Benefit from Window Film


Factories, Manufacturing Benefit from Window Film


When it comes to running an efficient factory, worker safety is key. You might be surprised to learn that window film can help in this department.

3M Safety & Security Window Film

Even when precautions are taken, accidental explosions are an everyday risk for many industrial, lab or manufacturing factories. Windows can be the most vulnerable part of any building and factory owners rarely consider the risks associated with them. One of the many benefits that window film can provide to factory owners is the mitigation of injuries associated with broken glass. The multi-layer technology of safety and security window films helps to increase the shatter and tear-resistance of glass. When impacted, the film helps keep broken glass in place reducing the chance of injury associated with flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast-related injuries. In addition to window film itself, attachment systems are available to help to anchor the film to the window’s frame providing even more protection. Factory owners can help protect their employees, reducing the risk of injury in the event of an explosion by installing safety and security window film.

Installing safety and security window film adds a layer of protection not only for workers, but also to the property itself. By keeping shattered glass in place, the chance of equipment, material or product damage related to broken glass or exposure is decreased. Every year, over $4 billion in insured losses is reported due to accidental explosions. With the chance of damage mitigated, the amount of time it takes for a factory to return to operation is decreased. In the end, the less time a factory is out of operation means the less money a factory loses as a result of an explosion.

Not to mention, window film can help deter burglaries and slow down intruders.

3M Sun Control Window Films

3M’s award-winning Sun Control Window Films help to conserve energy by reflecting solar heat and UV rays, keeping warm air out and saving on air conditioning. By regulating the interior temperature, solar films reduce the workload of your HVAC system and lower your electricity bills. With the money saved on the energy bills, the films can pay for themselves in under three years.

In addition to reducing your factory’s carbon footprint by blocking the sun’s heat and UV rays from entering through the glass, the factory interior is protected from fading. Combined, the sun’s heat and UV light accounts for 65% of the fading that effects interior furnishings. By installing 3M Sun Control Window Film, you are protecting your employees’ skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Blocking the sun’s UV rays also helps to reduce the bothersome glare experienced by workers. By reducing glare and regulating the interior temperature, employees are made more comfortable allowing them to work more efficiently.

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