3M Commercial Films

commercial office space with modern design

Where innovation meets protection, comfort, and style.

  • Interior commercial office space, floor to ceiling windows

    Sun Control Window Film

    Harness the power of 3M's cutting-edge technology to enhance energy efficiency and optimize natural light, all while creating a more comfortable and productive atmosphere.
  • Shattered window, associated watch jewelry window break in

    Safety & Security Window Film

    From advanced impact resistance to shatterproof technology, 3M films provide an additional layer of defense against forced entry, accidents, and natural disasters.
  • modern office space with conference room

    Decorative Film

    Transform your workspace with style and minimal disruption. 3M Decorative Films offers a swift, non-intrusive solution to enhance aesthetics, privacy, and branding.


Enhance Your Installation Skills

Taught by our experienced industry professionals, our hands-on, in-person courses will teach you the skills and techniques to help you execute high quality installations. You'll also learn about the many support programs available from 3M and Accent Distributing to help grow your business.

group of installers during training session

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