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Window Film for Hospitals, Medical Facilities


Window Film for Hospitals, Medical Facilities


Most window films are clear, but hospitals and medical facilities can expect to see big improvements by adding it to their windows. Window films can help reduce your energy bills, enhance patient comfort and improve your building’s security. Plus, they’re an affordable alternative to replacing your windows and they can be installed with little disruption to business.

3M Sun Control Window Film

For nearly 50 years, window films have been protecting commercial spaces from the sun’s harsh rays. 3M Sun Control Window Film rejects heat and blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays, which will help keep your patients comfortable and keep their skin protected. In fact, window films have been endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

By reducing your electricity bills, solar films can pay back their cost in energy savings in as few as 36 months. They’ll also help extend the life of your expensive HVAC unit by limiting wear. These are big benefits for hospitals, which can be major consumers of energy.

Plus, 3M Window Films can help eliminate glare … all without changing the appearance of your windows.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film

3M is the only company that offers 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, which helps push natural light farther into buildings. Not only does this innovative film help cut down on your lighting costs, but it also improves the functionality of your facility.

Studies have shown that natural light can improve student test scores, increase retail sales, boost employee productivity and even speed up patient recovery times.

3M Safety & Security Window Films

3M Safety & Security Window Films are designed to hold together broken glass in the event of an impact. Backed by 3M’s signature innovation, science and technology, these window films can protect your building from armed intruders, severe weather or other violent events. They also help reduce the risk of broken glass-related injuries.

With varying levels of protection available, there is sure to be a security film to meet the needs of your facility.

Decorative Films

Growing in popularity, decorative films provide versatile and attractive design solutions. They’re a great option for adding privacy, which is crucial in medical environments. They can replicate the look and feel of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they’re easily removed and re-installed when you’re ready for a new look. Decorative films can also be custom cut.

For more information about the benefits of 3M Window Film, contact Accent Distributing.

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