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Why Interior Designers Love Window Film


Why Interior Designers Love Window Film


3M™ Window Film serves lots of functions. It can reduce your air conditioning bills, protect your home from intruders and enhance your family’s comfort. It’s not only a favorite among home and business owners, but there’s another group who swear by 3M™ Window Film products.

Interior designers have found countless uses for 3M™ films, from adding privacy to a room to protecting expensive furnishings. Here are five reasons why interior designers love them:

They Block the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

The powerful sun spells trouble for your furniture. You can help slow the fading of wood and upholstered pieces by moving them out of direct sunlight. Adding solar films to your windows is an even more effective fix. Prestige Series films from 3M™ block up to 99.9 percent of the UV rays entering your home. They’re a great option for protecting your investment in pricey furniture, artwork or flooring. They protect not only your furnishings, but also your skin. That’s why 3M™ Window Films are Skin Cancer Foundation recommended products.

They Are Available in Lots of Looks

Decorative films from 3M™ are available in dozens of different finishes, including fabric, stripped and geometric styles. 3M™ regularly adds new styles to keep up with the latest design trends. In fact, 30 new decorative glass finishes were added in 2017.

They’re Affordable

Decorative films can replicate the look of etched or frosted glass at a fraction of the cost. Specialty glasses can be expensive, but 3M™ Window Film can give you the same look for a much lower price.

They’re Flexible

Certified 3M™ installers can easily remove decorative films whenever you’re ready for a change. Their affordable prices and flexibility allow you to remain on trend as styles change. Not to mention, they don’t require special care or maintenance, making them an easy addition to your home.

They’re Great for Adding Privacy

From bathroom doors to your laundry room windows, there are plenty of places in your home where you might want to add a little privacy. 3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Window Films are great tools for creating mystery wherever you need it.

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