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Why Choose Window Film for Your Home?


Why Choose Window Film for Your Home?


Though window tinting is perhaps most closely associated with cars, there are many reasons to consider having window film installed on your home. Window film is a self-adhesive polyester coating that can help protect your home and belongings, while enhancing interior comfort.

Solar Films

In our hot southern climate, solar film is probably the most popular type of residential window film product. By rejecting heat to reduce your energy bills, solar films pay for themselves in electricity savings in an average of 36 months. They also reduce the workload on your expensive air conditioning unit, which can lead to further savings.

Solar films also block up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which can contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. Having solar film installed on your home is like applying SPF 1000 to your windows! Solar films don’t just protect your skin. By blocking UV rays, they also help prevent your furniture and flooring from fading. There’s no better way to protect your re-finished hardwood floors or brand-new sofa than adding window film.

In addition to the practical benefits of solar film, like protecting your skin and reducing your energy bills, they can also enhance the interior comfort of your home by reducing glare and eliminating uncomfortable hot spots. While there are tinted films on the market, brands like 3M offer products that provide the aforementioned benefits without changing the look of your home. In fact, 3M™ Sun Control Window Film is award winning.

Security Films

There is nothing more important than protecting your family. Fortunately, security films are here to help. Safety and security window films, like 3M Ultra Series Films, are designed to hold broken glass in place. They can slow down armed intruders by up to two minutes. While there is no such thing as a bullet-proof film, safety and security films can impede potential burglars to the point that they choose to flee rather than completing their crime.

By holding broken glass in place, security films also reduce the risk of broken-glass related injuries, whether they’re caused by an intruder, flying debris or even a wayward baseball. Thousands of schools, hospitals and chain stores across the country have already had security film installed on their windows. Now you can choose that same protection at an affordable price.

Best of all, security films can often be paired with solar films to give you the best of both worlds.

Decorative Films

While solar and security films serve specific functions, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with decorative films. It comes in many different colors, patterns and textures … 3M alone offers more than two dozen different decorative film options for you to choose form.

Decorative films can provide the look and feel of etched or frosted glass at a fraction of the cost. Authorized 3M dealers can also easily install and remove these films, allowing you to make design changes based on the latest trends.

Decorative films are great for adding privacy or just providing a clever decorative flair.

For more information about 3M™ Window Film or to be connected with a 3M™ Authorized Dealer, contact Accent Distributing.

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