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Open a Tint Shop: Start a 3M™ Window Film Business In Your Community


Open a Tint Shop: Start a 3M™ Window Film Business In Your Community


Looking for a new business opportunity? Consider opening a window film company in your community.

Grow your bottom line by installing 3M™ Window Film on automobiles, homes and/or businesses. 3M and Accent Distributing are looking for energetic entrepreneurs interested in opening their own tint shops and becoming authorized dealers.

Why Install 3M Window Film?

Position your company in the marketplace by carrying a recognized brand name. As a company in the Fortune 500 list, 3M is known globally for its science, technology and innovation. The Minnesota-based manufacturer provides products designed to improve everyday life. 3M’s well-known products include Scotch, Scotchguard, Post-It Notes and more. 3M is a brand people already know and trust.

No one company has more experience with window films than 3M. In 1966, 3M received the first patent for window films. Today, there are millions of meters of 3M™ Window Films installed around the world. Each film is scientifically tested before it is brought to the market.

When your customers choose 3M, they are choosing peace of mind. This is because 3M has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. 3M™ Window Films are backed by a warranty directly by 3M. And Accent Distributing, as your distribution company, can help you manage 3M warranties for your customers.

Start Business Planning with Experienced Experts

As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film dealer, your company will need an authorized 3M distributor. Accent Distributing has been working with 3M for more than 25 years and has experienced staff members who can assist you in business planning and growth efforts.

With headquarters in Houston and Sarasota, Accent Distributing’s territory includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and the Caribbean. Its staff collectively has more than 100 years of experience in window film. With Accent Distributing, you will be assigned a territory manager for your shop. This person will work one-on-one with you to help you grow your business.

When necessary, Accent Distributing can assist with large scale projects. The company can provide assistance on identifying, estimating, bidding and implementation of large commercial jobs. Accent Distributing also assists with managing 3M warranties.

Need help hiring? Accent Distributing has partnered with a professional employee recruitment firm to assist you in your search.

Training Opportunities and Tools are Available

Don’t know how to install window film? Accent Distributing has certified trainers on staff who are willing to teach you and your team a variety of installation methods – including well-known trips and tricks throughout the industry.

These trainers can come to your location or you can attend a class in either Sarasota or Houston. Accent Distributing offers a full calendar of training and certification opportunities, including safety and security film, sun control film, automotive film and paint protection film. In addition, the trainers can teach you and your team how to install 3M™ Architectural Finishes. 3M also offers online webinars throughout the year to assist in training.

Every job needs the right tool for the project. Accent Distributing offers an online tool shop,, in which you can order any tool that you need for whatever project that you are working on.

Marketing Assistance and Lead Generation Efforts are Ongoing

Both 3M and Accent Distributing provide marketing assistance and lead generation efforts for 3M™ Authorized Dealers.

3M offers a variety of marketing collateral, including videos, digital ads and print-ready materials, to help assist dealers in telling the story of 3M products to customers. Meanwhile, Accent Distributing utilizes an experienced full-service professional marketing and public relations firm to work one-on-one with dealers to provide marketing assistance and guidance.

Both 3M and Accent Distributing offer lead generation efforts. 3M provides consumer-facing webpages that link to online dealer locator maps searched by automotive, commercial and residential film customers. 3M also encourages staff to be on the ground, working with contractors and other key industries to drive leads to dealers.

In addition, 3M is consistently releasing new programs designed to assist dealers with business and marketing expenses, including a rewards program.

Accent Distributing exhibits at various trade shows to foster leads. The company also offers a consumer facing website with lead generation forms. Accent Distributing engages in both social media marketing and search engine marketing to bring in leads to pass to dealers. The distribution company also offers consumer-focused drip marketing campaigns and other strategies.

Network with Other 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealers

Sometimes, the best way to learn is from experienced counterparts. Join a network of other 3M Authorized Window Film Dealers. Accent Distributing and 3M host annual meetings and conferences that are designed to offer networking opportunities for dealers. 3M also offers an annual awards program to recognize companies for top sales.

Communication is key to fostering the 3M dealer community and Accent Distributing understands this. Accent Distributing offers an award-winning Dealer E-News electronic newsletter sent monthly to your inbox to keep you informed about what is happening in the window film industry. Meanwhile, Accent Distributing’s Facebook page is designed for you as the audience so that you can connect with products, services, programs and other dealers.

Want to learn more?

Become part of the 3M™ Window Film Dealer community. Start a new tint shop in your city and bring on 3M and Accent Distributing as a partner to help you achieve your business dreams.

For more information or to be connected with a territory manager near you, contact Inside Sales at insidesales@ or at (941) 922-5268.

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