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Protect Your High-Rise Commercial Building with 3M Window Tinting


Protect Your High-Rise Commercial Building with 3M Window Tinting


Several-story buildings with large windows let in the natural light and provide occupants with breathtaking views.

However, these commercial facilities can face high energy costs associated with keeping the temperature cool. Facility managers of high-rise commercial buildings also have received complaints from tenants about the negative effects of sunlight.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a perfect time for commercial property owners of high-rise commercial buildings to look at adding 3M Window Film to protect their tenants from the harsh effects of the sun while making their facilities more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Lower Heat, High Energy Costs of High-Rise Commercial Buildings with 3M Window Film

The Department of Energy estimates 25-30 percent of heating and cooling energy goes out the window. Window film adds a layer of insulation on high-rise commercial buildlings to help prevent that loss of energy.

3M’s Prestige Series stops up to 97 percent of the sun’s heat-producing infrared rays and up to 60 percent of the heat temperature felt near the window. This means that less energy is needed to cool the temperatures, resulting in lower energy bills.

How does 3M film work? 3M’s tints are designed to direct light waves as the waves pass through or reflect off hundreds of layers of film. The film increases performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases. This means the films are designed to work better during the hottest part of the day.

3M window tint has been proven to save energy in all climate zones and qualifies to be used toward LEED credits.

Protect People and Property in High-Rise Commercial Buildings with 3M Window Tinting

Protect tenants in high-rise commercial buildings against unwanted intruders and skin cancer using 3M window tinting.

3M tint adds a layer of protection against the sun’s harmful UV light – the leading cause of skin cancer and fading furniture and flooring. While nothing can completely stop fading, the film blocks 99.9 percent of UV light. This results in a slower fading process, with less replacement costs of faded furniture and flooring. This also means less harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.

3M window tinting also offers added security to glass entry points, such as windows and glass doors. 3M’s Prestige Ultra Series is a safety film that helps slow unwanted entry in addition to sun control benefits. The safety film holds shattered glass shards together after impact, delaying an intruder by up to two full minutes – which allows time for emergency officials to arrive.

Make Tenants in High-Rise Commercial Buildings More Comfortable with 3M Tinting

Window tinting also prevents against glare and can add a layer of privacy to a facility.

3M tints helps stop glare, a leading cause of eye strain. The film provides more comfort for those tenants working near windows or looking at computer monitors, screens and displays.

In addition, 3M film adds privacy while providing the exterior of your building a more consistent look. The films offer a variety of reflection options that can prevent an outsider from looking in, including one-way mirror or high reflection. Not looking for privacy? 3M’s Prestige Series also is available as a clear tint option for high-rise commercial buildings.

Strong Warranty Backed By a Trusted Company

When 3M film is installed on a commercial building by a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer, the film is warrantied for up to 15 years by 3M. No one company has more experience with window film than 3M, which received the first patent for sun control films in 1966. You can rest assure your window film is backed by a trusted brand.

Accent Distributing has worked with 3M for more than 25 years and has a network of 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealers throughout nine states and the Caribbean. To connect with a dealer near you, contact Accent Distributing, a 3M™ Authorized Distributor, at (941) 922-5268 or at insidesales@

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