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Dealer Spotlight: Shades Custom Window Tinting Unveils New Showroom


Dealer Spotlight: Shades Custom Window Tinting Unveils New Showroom


(This article first appeared in the December 2020 issue of Dealer E-News.) Shades Custom Window Tinting owner Ron Ball recently unveiled a new 40-foot-by-40-foot showroom within his 1,500-square-foot shop in South Fort Myers. His new display features a variety of 3M products for automotive, residential and commercial customers. Ron even incorporated 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes on the floor.

Shades Custom Window Tinting is among the select 3M dealers that joined the new Pro Shop Dealer Network this year. Those within the network gain access to a full spectrum of 3M™ Automotive Window Film products, Paint Protection Film products and a Pro Shop designation on 3M’s website. In addition, they also receive premier access to 3M’s new patterning software designed to help shops save time and money.

Ball has more than 36 years in the window tinting business. He said he first got into window film installation when a car detail company he worked for closed; the window tinting shop two doors down hired him and trained him to become an installer. He spent 10 years with that shop as lead shop manager. When the shop closed, Ball opened his own window film business. Shades Custom Window Tinting installs film on automobiles, marine vessels, homes and commercial buildings. His business became a 3M֭™ Authorized Window Film Dealer in 2010.

Ball’s shop is one of the largest window tinting businesses in Lee County, with three bays, administrative offices, a lobby and showroom. “It’s one of the nicest shops in Lee County,” Ball said. In addition to himself, he employs two other full-time installers. He also has an employee who helps transport and prep cars. His wife helps him in the office.

Business is busy, he said. Shades Window Tinting services 12 dealerships in Southwest Florida in addition to its direct customers. But when he is not working, Ball can either be found saltwater fishing or with his eight-month-old grandson, Reese.

Ball said he is proud to be able to offer 3M products to his customers. “It’s a recognized company,” he said. “I just like the aspect that not anybody can go out and use 3M.” 3M’s innovation and science behind the films impresses Ball. “It seems like they are always on the cutting edge of coming out with new stuff or improving old stuff,” he said.

For more information about Shades Custom Window Tinting call (239) 462-1157 or visit

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