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Dealer Spotlight: NBI Suncontrol Provides House Calls to Alleviate Pain


Dealer Spotlight: NBI Suncontrol Provides House Calls to Alleviate Pain


(This article first appeared in the June 2019 issue of “Dealer E-News.”) Angelo Ragone said there is nothing that makes him happier than meeting with a potential client, getting to know them personally, and closing a deal to ultimately heal their pain as it relates to the Florida sun.

“I feel like a traveling doctor who makes house calls,” Angelo said. “Our customers are experiencing pain, and we go in and alleviate that pain.”

Situated on Florida’s west coast, Sarasota-based NBI Suncontrol is located within a growing market. According to the U.S. Census, Manatee County’s population grew by 22.3 percent in the eight-year span from 2010 to 2018. It’s neighbor, Sarasota County, grew by 12.5 percent. These numbers are witnessed first-hand by NBI Suncontrol, who pulls an estimated 90 percent of its business from residential flatglass window film. In fact, last year, the company installed window film on more than 500 homes.

Angelo said that he predominately relies on word-of-mouth for his marketing. A neighbor will tell another neighbor and a story about NBI Suncontrol’s exemplary service and 3M products is suddenly viral within a neighborhood, he said.

“The housing market is booming here, and it’s generally upscale residential homes,” Angelo said. “So people are concerned about their furniture fading. In fact, that is the No. 1 reason people are installing window film in my market; they are concerned about their furniture and artwork.”

With seven employees, NBI Suncontrol has two teams of installers working at all times. He said that he values his entire team, which also includes an operations staff. To manage his business, he uses TintPro, a tool that he said he would be lost without. Angelo understands the value of hiring employees that complement his strengths with their own. “It’s totally a team effort,” he said. “I would never be able to survive if it wasn’t for my installers and employees in operations.”

A 3M Prestige Dealer, NBI Suncontrol only carries 3M Window Film products. In April, NBI Suncontrol received a Market Leadership Award from 3M during the annual Prestige Dealer meeting in Sarasota.

“People have a lot of respect for the 3M name; it’s unprecedented in the window film industry,” Angelo said. “Wearing the 3M brand on my shirt, I have a high level of responsibility to make sure that my customers are getting the best service possible. I enjoy working with people, and I really believe that we are solving their pain issues, whether it be fading, security or high energy costs in their home or condo.”

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