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Dealer Spotlight: Owner Stays In Front of High End Detail’s Logo


Dealer Spotlight: Owner Stays In Front of High End Detail’s Logo


(This article first appeared in the August 2019 issue of “Dealer E-News.”) For Josue Recinos, what started out as a desperate attempt to launch a mobile detailing company five years ago transformed into state-of-the-art garage with customers who own luxury brands.

Looking back, Josue said it is incredible to recall where he came from. In 2013, he was experiencing hard times and needed to sell his 2004 Honda Accord to earn some extra cash. While researching the best way to sell his car, he learned about detailing – which ultimately opened his eyes to a business opportunity. He took the proceeds from the sale of his Honda and turned it into funds to start his own mobile detailing business.

His business grew quickly, and by 2015, he borrowed his dad’s home garage and moved his business inside. Two years later, Josue opened a 1,500-square-foot garage that can fit up to six cars and includes rubber floors and more than 56 lights (along both the ceiling and the walls) so that shadows do not cast upon the vehicles that he is working on.

“When it comes to detailing, you have to have a very well-lit room,” Josue explained.

High End Detail specializes in detailing, ceramic coating, window film and paint protection film. Josue is a Silver Certified Paint Protection Film Installer for Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film. He said he only uses the best products available, and that includes 3M.

“I care a lot about my own brand, so it’s no surprise that I’m very strong with other brands. There isn’t anyone in this world who would not recognize that red 3 and that red M. To put my brand behind the power of the 3M brand makes sense,” Josue said.

It helps that Josue is a lifetime learner and meticulous about details. He continuously seeks out training opportunities to improve his business’ services and operations – from detailing and window tinting techniques to marketing.

“I went to a marketing seminar and one of the instructors said, ‘Stop hiding behind your logo and put a face in front of your logo,” Josue said. “I purchased a camera.”

Josue is the face of many of his videos, which feature products and finished projects. He produces and edits the films himself, typically in the evenings between the time spent with his newborn daughter, Julia, and two-year-old son, Leonardo.

Recently, Josue took a class to learn about digital advertising. His Instagram account has more than 13,300 followers. He said his videos on social media bring customers in the door.

To view High End Detail’s Instagram page, visit Visit High End Detail’s website at

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