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Retail Stores Improve Experience with 3M


Retail Stores Improve Experience with 3M


3M offers products that can enhance a shopping experience within a retail store, including solar control window film designed to reduce fading and lower energy costs; decorative finishes that can transform the décor of a space and add branding; and safety and security film to delay intruders and protect people and property.

Lower High Energy Costs and Reduce Fading with 3M Window Film

3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series is designed to protect merchandise from fading and help lower high energy costs by reducing the harmful elements of the sun.

The film is scientifically proven to stop 99.9 percent of UV rays from filtering through glass windows. UV rays are the leading cause of fading furniture and floors.

Meanwhile, the Prestige Series window tints reduce more than 97 percent of heat-producing infrared light. This means a store’s HVAC system will not have to work as hard to keep customers and employees cool.

3M™ Thinsulate Window Film also is designed to help prevent temperature pockets near windows. The film has proven to make a single-pane window act like a double-pane window, and a double-pain window act like a triple-pane window. This also can lower heating and cooling costs and ensure even temperatures throughout a store.

Reduce Impacts of Smash-And-Grab Retail Crime with Safety Film

While the nation struggles with the pandemic, many are concerned about an increase in smash-and-grab burglaries and other retail crime as people are financially hurt from job loss and other economic impacts.

Protect your merchandise by installing 3M™ Safety & Security Film on your glass doors, windows and display cases. The film holds shattered glass together immediately after impact and prevents glass shards from flying. 3M security film has scientifically proven to delay unwanted entry by up to two full minutes, allowing time for emergency responders to arrive and for people to take shelter.

Retail companies across the globe have installed 3M’s safety film to protect people and property. The film can include sun control properties.

Add Style and Branding to Your Retail Store

3M™ Glass and Architectural Finishes can add style and brand elements to you retail store while saving you money.

Give your retail shop a facelift with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes. These films cover any architectural surface, such as walls, counter tops, shelves and cabinets. With more than 1,000 designs to choose from, you can get the look of any wood, metal, stone or other surface at a fraction of the cost of actual replacement. Both an interior and exterior option are available.

Add style and custom branding to your storefront with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes. These decorative glass films provide a look of frosted, etched or sandblasted glass but also cost less than the real thing. In some cases, the film can be cut to the shape of logos to showcase your business’ brand.

Speak to a Window Film Expert Near You

As a 3M™ Authorized Film Distributor in the United States, Accent Distributing has worked with 3M for more than 25 years. Its staff collectively has more than 100 years of experience in the window film industry.

Because of Accent Distributing’s extensive film knowledge and network, the company is positioned to help you price projects and locate a dealer near you.

Contact Accent Distributing at (941) 922-5268 for more information.

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