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3M™ Ceramic Coating Introduces Science to Shine


3M™ Ceramic Coating Introduces Science to Shine


Imagine a wet, glossy shine on your vehicle’s surface, no matter what the weather is like outside. 3M recently introduced a new product to its automotive aftermarket line – 3M™ Ceramic Coating – that merges shine with innovation, technology and science.

3M™ Ceramic Coating offers a durable new polish designed to last. There are many benefits to installing ceramic coating – for both the vehicle owner and installer.

Customers Experience 3M Ceramic Coating’s Lasting Wet Shine Look, Easy Maintenance

For vehicle owners, 3M™ Ceramic Coating is designed to enhance the depth and luster of their vehicle’s finish for up to five years with proper maintenance.

The high-gloss shine, when professionally applied, creates a wet new-polish with excellent water beading. This also makes the vehicle’s surface more slick and easier to clean. The coating is designed to be durable and chemical resistant, proven to stand up against salt, acid rain, tree sap and more.

The coating can be applied directly on the vehicle’s surface, vinyl wrap or paint protection film. A 3M™ Ceramic Boost Spray should be applied annually to help maintain the durability of the coating.

Drivers will never need to wax their car, as waxing can reduce the gloss, shine and durability of the coating. In addition, drivers should avoid automated car washes because the brushes or cloth drapes can contain dirt and containments from previous washes that can create scratches or act like an abrasion and remove the coating.

For Installers, 3M Ceramic Coating is Easy to Install

For professional installers, including 3M™ Authorized Dealers, 3M™ Ceramic Coating is easy to install for same-day service.

The product cures quickly with no special equipment necessary. The product also has 100 percent active ingredients with no carrier solvents or strong vapors/odors.

The coating can be applied on multiple surfaces throughout a vehicle’s exterior, including metal, plastic trim, glass and wheels. The coating also can be applied over top of vinyl wrap film and paint protection film, which protects a vehicle’s paint from rock chips and scratches.

3M offers a unique applicator system for ease of coverage. Dealers interested in carrying the product can contact Accent Distributing to purchase the 3M™ Ceramic Coating (four kits per case), the 3M™ Glass Pre-Treatment (six per case) and the 3M™ Ceramic Boost Spray (6 per case). Accent Distributing offers a one-day installer training. Email training@ for details.

Contact Accent Distributing To Learn More

Accent Distributing has worked with 3M for more than 25 years as a distributor of 3M automotive solutions. Its experienced team can answer questions and help connect vehicle drivers with installers.

For more information, contact Accent Distributing at insidesales@ or visit www.

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