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Dealer Spotlight: Technics Auto Shield Celebrates Record Year in 2020


Dealer Spotlight: Technics Auto Shield Celebrates Record Year in 2020


(This first appeared as a Dealer Spotlight in the June 2021 issue of Dealer E-News.) Technics Auto Shield owner Cory Benton first got into window film by asking a question.

It was 1998 and he recently released after four years in the Marine Corp. He found himself working in construction and unhappy. “I was driving around on Saturday afternoon, going over choices in my life, when I saw this tint shop. There were cool cars parked out front and guys hanging out after work – looking like they were having fun.”

Cory said he pulled into the shop and asked, “What does it take to be a tinter?”

Asking that question launched him into a 23-year career in the window film industry. Cory first worked at the original tint shop he’d approached and later transitioned to a shop that dealt primarily with dealerships. Then, in 2008, the economy crashed. His girlfriend (who later became his wife), Amanda, encouraged him to open up his own business. By 2009, Technics Auto Shield was born.

The Fort Worth company first started as a custom car shop offering stereo and electronic equipment in addition to film installation. After about three years, Cory said his shop was getting stagnant and employees were starting to get burned out. A key figure at 3M was instrumental in convincing Cory to shift his business model away from electronics and narrow the focus. While the company had carried 3M products from the day they opened, Technics Auto Shield strategically became a 3M™ Authorized Dealer in 2012 and began solely focusing on installing 3M solutions on vehicles.

“That’s really when we started to really come into our own,” Cory said. “We focused on the three things we did really well – window film, paint protection film and car wraps.”

Technics Auto Shield now is a 3M™ Pro Shop, carrying all of 3M’s automotive solutions including the recently launched 3M™ Ceramic Coating. “We always try to use really good products and we always try to have the best customer service,” Cory said.

Today, Amanda works the front desk and handles the company’s administrative duties while Cory tints alongside four other professional installers. Amanda and Cory’s four children are sometimes seen inside the family shop. “When they were babies, they were there all the time,” Cory said laughing. He mentions how his 9-year-old daughter, Holly, is most likely to work at the shop at some point in her life; she spends a lot of time with her mom in the front office.

Technics Auto Shield celebrated a record year in 2020, despite the pandemic, and Cory said that 2021 is looking even better. Cory attributes this achievement to the 3M trusted name and reputation. “The climate in Texas is relentless. If you don’t have a superior product, it’s not going to last very long,” he said. “Lately, all of the technological advancements in the industry have been led by 3M, including Ceramic IR, the 2080 wraps and the new ceramic coating. A lot of technological advancements that our customers get excited about have been from 3M.”

Cory also attributes his overall business success to his wife, employees and his faith. “There were many times over the years where things did not look so great, but my faith played a large part in pulling us through,” he said.

For more information about Technics Auto Shield, visit or call (817) 571-8468.

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