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  • What Is National Window Film Day?

     In Energy Savings

    We in the window film industry consider National Window Film Day one of the biggest events of the year! This marks the fifth consecutive year we’ve celebrated the holiday, which has been officially designated by governors across the country.

    The goal of National Window Film Day is to spread the word about the many benefits of professionally installed window film products. They include:

    • Increased energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills and a greener home or commercial space
    • Improved views and reduced glare
    • Enhanced comfort, whether it’s hot or cold outside
    • Added safety and security to help keep your valuables inside and intruders out
    • Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can damage your skin and your furnishings

    This year’s theme is “Go Green & Save Green!”

    National Window Film Day was initiated by the International Window Film Association, a professional organization for window film installers around the world. If you’re interested in having window film installed on your home, car or commercial space, it’s important that you have it done by someone you can trust.

    All Authorized 3M Window Film Dealers have undergone training to ensure that they can execute high-quality installations as quickly as possible because they understand that your time and money are valuable.

    3M offers a variety of industry-leading window film products including:

    • Prestige Series Films: These films for your home or office can help reduce your energy bills and improve comfort without changing the look of your windows
    • Crystalline Series Films: These automotive window films allow in plenty of light while still blocking a significant amount of heat
    • Daylight Redirecting Film: This product pushes natural light deeper into commercial spaces, reducing your energy needs and enhancing tenant comfort
    • Decorative Films: With more than three dozen available patterns, decorative films can be used to add style or increase privacy
    • Ultra Series Films: These micro-layered tear-resistant films can help slow down burglars and armed intruders … they can also prevent broken glass injuries at your home or commercial space

    We love working in the window film industry for all these reasons and many more, and we hope you have a wonderful National Window Film Day on April 30!

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