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    Our training team has collectively more than 40 years of experience in the window film industry. These window film experts have proven to be at the top in their field. Some have even presented at industry conferences and judged film installation competitions. Meet our team.
    Chris Obney, Training Leader


    Training Leader Chris Obney first started working with window film in 2001.

    At the time, he and his business partner started tinting cars as a side business. It quickly expanded into a full-time operation that included car detailing and the installation of window film and paint protection film. Chris became the sole owner and, for 13 years, he installed window films for automotive, residential and commercial customers in Southwest Florida.

    Since he joined Accent Distributing’s staff in 2014, Chris has trained hundreds of 3M dealers. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be a part of,” he said.

    Chris offers installers a hands-on, interactive “how to” experience in his class. But his classroom also gives attendees the opportunity to network with other business owners and installers in the same field.

    “The conversation about how I got involved in window film always comes up during trainings,” Chris said. “They wonder why I decided to stop being a business owner. I explain to them that I didn’t start out wanting to own my own business, it just kind of happened. I originally wanted to pursue a career in the Fire Service. However, after finishing Fire and EMT school – and being in the fire service for 3 years – I had to make a choice.”

    Chris said he truly enjoys watching people learn new methods and seeing the spark in their eye when they learn something new. His biggest advice: “Have an open mind, you can always learn more.”

    Chris is a 3M Endorsed Architectural Graphic Installer and teaches courses on architectural films and finishes, including DI-NOC and FASARA™, in addition to the other course offerings.



    Andrew Rose always knew that he wanted to be an instructor and train professional window tinters in the classroom. After more than 19 years in the window film industry, Andrew joined Accent Distributing’s professional training team in 2019.

    “As a film installer, I’ll tint with whatever product you give me,” Andrew said. “But I do see the quality benefits of 3M films over the other films.”

    Andrew started working with window film when he was in high school. A member of Andrew’s church recruited him to join his flat glass installation crew. Several years later, Andrew started working with a friend who owned a mobile tinting company in Hernando County with connections to dealerships. After years of tinting vehicles at car dealerships, Andrew joined Accent Distributing’s Training Team.

    “I enjoy teaching. I enjoy seeing people understand and learn,” Andrew said. “Window film has become a passion of mine, and I have always liked to help people. I think we do better when we share our experiences and knowledge with each other.”



    Geony Flores enjoys the process of installing 3M films and finishes. “It’s an artform to me,” he said. “You have to have the patience to learn to install it. But once you do, it’s really a stress-free task that you can really get into.”

    Geony has been installing window films since 2009. As an apprentice at a Toyota dealership in San Antonio, he spent a lot of time learning how to cut tint by hand, molding it to fit car windows (prior to plotters). He later graduated to installing the film on vehicles at the dealership.

    The training early in his career prepared him for when he began working at a custom auto shop in San Antonio. Suddenly, he was thrust into a much faster paced environment, where he learned the retail side of the business and, for the first time, felt the pressure of customers as they waited and watched their cars get tinted.

    “That was a good learning experience for me,” he said. Geony later became a regional manager of a shop – hiring, scheduling and taking inventory. He hired and trained installers. Later, he began installing flat glass for commercial and residential customers.

    Geony joined Accent Distributing’s training team in 2021. “I look back and I’m grateful that someone took the time to teach me,” he said. “It was a complete career change for me. And now I’m excited that I get to share my knowledge with people and get them tinting.”



    3M™ Window Films are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry when they are installed by a professional 3M™ Authorized Dealer. This is why it is important to ensure that you have trained installers on your team. We can help at Accent Distributing.

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