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  • Benefits of Commercial Window Film For Your Business

     In Window Film Industry

    Window film is a smart investment for any business owner. Window films can provide businesses with a variety of benefits from reducing energy costs associated with your HVAC system to enhancing employees comfort at work and even increased privacy in areas where it’s needed.

    Energy Savings

    Interested in reducing your company’s carbon footprint? Window film helps to decrease your energy costs by reducing the workload on your HVAC system. For every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun, business owners can save up to one ton of air conditioning. Solar control films help to block heat during the summer and keep heat inside during the winter, giving your HVAC system a break.

    Physical Security

    Protect your business with safety and security window films … most of which are invisible to passersby. Safety and security window films make help make glass shatter-resistant, by helping to keep broken glass in place. The films can prevent intruders from gaining entry for up to two minutes, giving business owners time to contact help.

    Safety and security window films help to impede smash-and-grab burglaries by preventing quick access through a broken window. Keeping broken glass in place, you also protect your business from damage associated with violent weather and mitigate the change of injuries caused by flying glass shards. Safety and security window film can also reduce the costs associated with graffiti and vandalism by forcing you to simply replace the window film instead of the glass underneath.

    Enhanced Comfort

    Employees constantly complaining about the temperature inside the office despite air conditioning? Solar control films help to regulate the temperature inside offices by blocking heat from the sun entering through exposed windows and trapping cool air inside. Regulating the temperature inside also helps to eliminate the hot and cold spots of an office. Solar control films can also help to reduce the dreaded glare on computer screens caused by incoming sunlight.

    Decorative window films can help enhance the aesthetics of your office. Available in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors you are sure to find a film that meets your office décor. Decorative window films can provide your office with a variety of design solutions from increasing the privacy of conference rooms without sacrificing light to blocking the view into storage rooms or even display your company’s logo in a creative way.

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