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  • Sarasota Office: (941) 922-5268

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  • In an effort to boost business after the recession, Jim Luck, owner of Window Tint USA, decided to make the switch to 3M from another window film manufacturer in 2011.

    “It changed everything,” he said. “It changed my customer base, profit margin and even the wages our staff makes. We do make more money, but more importantly, we’re busy 12 months a year.”

    Luck said he’s had success with 3M on both the commercial and residential sides because of the brand recognition it garners and the quality of its products. His best-selling films are Prestige, Ultra Prestige and Ultra 800. According to Luck, his relationship with 3M has helped him land some big jobs. Recently,  for example, he finished a 45,000-square foot installation on a 30-story office building. Initially, the building owner was considering film from another manufacturer. Ultimately, however, he chose 3M.

    “Many factors contributed to the choice … visible light, performance, aesthetics, nighttime visibility,” Luck said.

    Luck said he wouldn’t have been able to complete such a large installation if it weren’t for support from his 3M regional distributor, Accent Distributing.

    “I just couldn’t believe that they were so willing to help out,” he said. “If it’s within their power to help, they will.”

    Luck said his relationship with Accent has exceeded all his expectations.

    “I never thought it would be as personal and as easy as it’s turned out to be,” he said.

    3M also offers plenty of support, Luck said. For example, he takes advantage of 3M’s COOP program for Prestige dealers. Through the program, he receives a rebate on a portion of his annual sales total to be put toward marketing efforts.

    “I actually just got a check from them and I’m going to invest it all with the marketing company I use,” he said.

    In addition, Luck said he benefits from attending 3M’s dealer meetings, where he’s able to hear from 3M representatives and discuss best practices with dealers from across the country.