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  • Solar Films Protecting People, Property for Decades

     In Skin Protection

    Solar film was the very first type of window film invented. It was originally created for cars, but it’s since evolved to become a popular sun protection solution for commercial buildings. Today, there are millions of square feet of solar films installed on commercial facilities around the world.

    If you’re considering solar film for your commercial space, be sure to work with a reputable window film dealer who offers quality products. Solar films have come a long way since they were created more than 50 years ago and there are many options on the market today.

    Large windows and natural light are selling points for many buildings, but heating and cooling costs can really add up. Solar films can block up to 97 percent of infrared light, which can keep your commercial space cooler and more comfortable. In some cases, window films have been shown to reduce temperatures in a room by up to 15 degrees.

    Solar films from 3M typically pay back their cost in energy savings in 36 months. Plus, solar films reduce the work load on your expensive HVAC unit, which can keep it lasting longer between repairs and replacement. A 2014 study by ConSol showed that professionally-installed window film is the most cost-effective energy-saving solution for Florida homes and businesses, which spend an average of 40 percent more on electricity than utility customers in other states.

    Solar films are not only good for your pockets, but they’ll also help protect the skin of your tenants, employees and/or customers. Applying a high-quality solar film to your windows is like putting SPF 1000 on your building. Some films have even been endorsed by the Skin Cancer Association. By blocking the sun’s damaging UV rays, window films can also protect your furniture, flooring and merchandise from fading.

    Solar films can come in a variety of styles. While traditional films are dark or mirrored, 3M now offers an industry-leading solar film that’s almost optically clear. Other benefits of solar window film include glare reduction and enhanced views.

    Best of all, window film is easy to care for, it can last up to 20 years without replacement and some manufacturers, like 3M, offer comprehensive warranties. It’s also important to note that solar films can sometimes be paired with security films so that your facility is protected from outside threats in addition to the sun.

    Solar films are a smart investment for business owners, facility managers and more. To learn more, contact Accent Distributing.

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