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  • Several Reasons to Enhance Security With Window Film

     In Security

    It’s no secret that unprotected glass is vulnerable to smash and grab burglaries, violent intruders, severe weather and even mishit baseballs. Fortunately, security window films can help reinforce what’s likely the weakest part of your building.

    Most safety and security films are made with micro-layers of polyester, to help them resist ripping and tearing. Though they can’t prevent glass from breaking, they hold the glass together. In tests, 3M’s Ultra Series Films have succeeded in slowing down armed intruders by up to two minutes.

    How It Works

    Security film is applied to the interior side of the glass so that it’s not exposed to the elements or to direct impact in the event of a break-in. The film and its strong adhesive form a protective membrane around the glass. Rather than simply shattering it, the film forces intruders to create a hole in the glass, which can slow them down dramatically. In many cases, it’s deterred smash-and-grab attempts.

    Many commercial facilities already use security window film to help ward off burglars, and protect the people inside from dangerous weather, threatening individuals or even bomb blasts. Schools and universities, factories, hospitals and government buildings around the country are already safer thanks to window film.

    Why Add Security Film?

    Security films are a popular option because they offer a cost-effective alternative to installing new, tempered-glass windows. Window films can also be installed quickly and require relatively little disruption to normal business activity.

    It’s important to remember that window films can’t fully prevent unwanted entry, but they can significantly slow down dangerous intruders. Entry time will depend on intruder preparedness and tool usage, the number and force of impacts, the strength of the specific film and anchorage system in use, the strength and thickness of glass, and the size of opening required for entry. No window films are bullet proof.

    In addition to producing security films, some manufacturers also offer attachment systems, which help bind the film to the window. These ultra-strong systems provide the very best retrofit window protection on the market.

    Protection From the Sun, Too

    Not only can window films defend against outside threats, but they can also protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays. These films can help lower your electricity bills, reduce glare, and prevent your furnishings or merchandise from fading, all will give you piece of mind.

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