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  • Science Proves 3M™ Window Film Provides Protection

     In Security, Window Film Industry

    More government agencies, commercial construction companies and schools worldwide are turning to 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film for protection against bomb blasts, earth quakes and spontaneous glass breakage. This is because science and technology are the foundation behind 3M’s product development.

    Natural Disasters

    On average, natural catastrophes cause $95 billion in losses every year. Japan experiences one of the highest seismic activity in the world. Because of this, Japan has one of the highest safety glass performance criteria required. To meet this demand, 3M tests it’s Safety & Security Window Film against those requirements to ensure that it’s window film can meet the demand and keep people and property safe.

    When government agencies, commercial building contractors, property managers and schools are installing 3M™ Scotchsheild™ Safety & Security Window Film on their facilities, they are adding a protection that meets standards for earthquakes.

    Bomb Threats

    3M also tests its Safety & Security Window Film against bombs and explosions. Studies show that the number of terrorist attacks have increased five times since year 2000. 3M tests its Safety & Security Window Film against a multitude of explosion and blast standards, including both shock tube and open air arena explosive testing. The film’s micro-layered, tear resistant surface is specifically designed to provide additional protection against blasts.

    There has been an increase in government agencies, commercial buildings and schools adding Safety & Security Window Film to protect from attacks.

    Spontaneous Glass Breakage

    Studies show that as many as one out of every 150 windows may spontaneously break. Tempered safety glass is routinely used because it’s stronger than standard glass. However, it still presents a risk of spontaneous glass breakage. This is because tempered glass contains impurities like Nickel Sulfide inclusions. When the glass expands and contracts with temperature cycles, the stresses can cause glass to explode. However, 3M™ Window Film can minimize these hazards.

    One reason is because fragment retention window film does not shatter into thousands of pieces when impacted. Rather, the film causes the glass to stay together. This vital security enhancement translates to less people getting hurt from flying glass shards. 3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive Attachment System helps to anchor the film to the glass fame, providing additional protection.

    Placing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film on your commercial or public facility will not only protect your investment, but the people inside. Contact Accent Distributing today to get in touch with a local dealer to discuss options.

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