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  • School Safety

    3M Window Films for Schools are Tops in their Class

    Due to heightened security concerns in recent years, hundreds of U.S. schools have incorporated 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and Attachment Systems as cost-effective solutions to fortify building exteriors.

    Perfect for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, libraries, laboratories and other educational facilities, these high-tech window films provide the ultimate in protection and peace of mind from common safety and security issues, such as helping to deter break-ins and forced entry, bomb blast mitigation, severe weather protection and more.

    3M Window Films for schools also offer enhanced energy savings in both hot and cold weather climates while increasing employee, staff and student comfort.

    3M Window Film Products for Schools

    3M™ Safety & Security Window Films & Attachments

    Helps protect against break and entry, bomb blasts, human impact and graffiti. These heavy-duty, commercial window films may upgrade your windows to meet existing building codes, without having to replace glass. Learn more about how 3M Safety & Security Window Films can help protect your students and staff.

    3M™ Solar Control Window Films

    Pays back in as little as 3 years, while helping to increase comfort, helping to protect against fading and helping improve building aesthetics.

    3M™ Daylight Redirecting Window Films

    Redirects natural light as deep as 40 feet into a building, helping to enhance daylighting strategies, provide energy savings and increase comfort.

    3M™ Heat Loss Prevention Window Film

    Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is a cost-effective option for upgrading energy efficiency and improving comfort yearound.

    3M™ Fasara Decorative Window Films

    Provides design flexibility at a fraction of the cost of etched glass. These superior quality window film products are also easily changed to adapt to new staff and office uses, saving money over having to produce new signage.