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    Protect Your Home with 3M Residential Window Films

    Windows. They are our light on the world and can provide dramatic views for almost any residence. But as every homeowner knows, the sunlight they invite in can also wreak havoc with air conditioning and heating costs and cause severe fading of valuable furnishings and floor coverings. During storms or in the event of a break-in, windows are also the most vulnerable points of access in our homes.

    That is why 3M Residential Window Films are designed to reject solar heat, reduce glare and fading, and add a valuable layer of protection to your home.  Best of all, our residential window film products can provide all of these benefits without changing the appearance of your home and without reducing the amount of helpful light that you love.

    For homeowners seeking a more decorative appearance, 3M’s Fasara Decorative Window Films can even mimic the appearance of frosted or cut glass but at a fraction of the cost.

    3M Window Film helps block the sun’s damaging UV rays from fading your home’s furnishings and harming your skin while allowing sunlight in. Some of the benefits 3M window film can offer are…

    • Improved comfort inside your home and lower energy bills, by reducing the amount of heat let inside. Installations typically pay for themselves in as little as 36 months.
    • Protection for your family and your possessions. Our films help prevent break-ins, secure your home during extreme weather and enhance your overall security.
    • Reduced glare caused by the sun, allowing you to take advantage of your home’s views.
    • Blocked UV light and heat which account for 65% of the fading that effects home furnishings.
    • Endless design options at a fraction of the cost of etched or frosted glass, with dozens of decorative films available.

    In most residential applications, 3M window film comes with a lifetime warranty.

    3M Residential Window Film Products

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    THE PROBLEM: When three friends decided to invest in a shared vacation home, it was Caribe Resort’s unobstructed views of unspoiled beaches that initially attracted them. At the same time, they were concerned about obtaining enhanced protection for their new high-end furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

    THE SOLUTION: Prestige Series films are made without metal, so they don’t corrode from salt water and they’re not easily visible, making them the perfect choice for this property. The condo owners say they are thrilled with the results.