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  • Reduce Energy Costs This Summer with 3M™ Window Film

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    The summer months can be extremely hot, especially for residents in the south. Not only is the heat hard on you, but it’s hard on your energy bill too. This is the scorching reality that every home or business owner must face.

    Studies show that 30 percent of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window. This can make it seem impossible to keep a building at a comfortable temperature for a low cost – especially in the summer. Luckily, 3M™ Window Film can help people stay cool and save on their energy costs. Here are some tips that can help:

    Use a Smart Thermostat

    A smart thermostat is similar to a programmable thermostat in that you can control your room temperature throughout the day, but they also have additional features, including sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity.

    These devices are a great way to cut costs on energy bills. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can save up to 10 percent on your energy bill by making small adjustments to temperature using a smart thermostat. Plus, they allow you to be efficient with your energy use from anywhere.

    Properly Maintain your A/C Unit

    Maintaining efficient air conditioner vents can go a long way in lowering temperatures and costs in the summer. Making sure filters are changed properly and keeping vents open in your home or business can help air move more efficiently which helps your air conditioner keep up with demand, which in turn can save money.

    Turn on the Fan

    Using fans is another easy solution that not only cuts down on energy costs, but helps you stay cool too, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Fans allow the air to properly circulate throughout a space which allows the temperature to be a few degrees higher but feel just as cool. This also helps keep the temperature be more consistent through a space adding to comfort.

    Though these tips are a great way to cut down on energy costs, there is more that you can do! Accent Distributing is dedicated to helping people stay comfortable and save money, so here are some of the 3M products that they offer that can make a dramatic difference in cost and comfort.

    Install 3M™ Window Film

    Backed by science, innovation and technology, 3M™ Window Film is designed to increase your comfort, lower your electric bill and protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

    3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series rejects up to 97 percent of the sun’s infrared light and up to 60 percent of the heat coming through windows, all while maintaining the look of your glass.

    Additionally, the Ceramic and Night Vision Series both offer significant heat rejection with their own added benefits like high clarity and easy outside viewing at night.

    Thinsulate window film offers protection a step further by keeping spaces cool in the summer while keeping them warm in the winter by increasing the window’s insulation value.

    3M™ Window Film offers great heat rejection that helps provide energy savings and improved comfort for any space. By using these tips provided as well as adding 3M™ Window Film to your home, the summer heat and energy costs don’t stand a chance.

    For more information, contact Accent Distributing at (941) 922-5268.



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