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  • Recognizing Women in the Window Film Industry

     In Window Film Industry

    March is Women’s History Month, and the International Window Film Association has taken the opportunity to highlight how far women have advanced in the window film industry.

    Accent Distributing, a 3M™ Authorized Distributor, knows first hand the difference that women are making in the window film industry. Accent Distributing’s staff works daily with women who are successfully running operations, surpassing business goals, and installing thousands of rolls of window film for automobile, commercial and residential customers in their communities.

    Here is a look at four businesses that are among Accent Distributing’s 3M™ Authorized Dealer network and run by women.

    Fletch Window Tint

    Meet Sally Fletcher, owner of Fletch Window Tint in San Antonio, TX.

    Since 1989, Sally Fletcher has used her strong sales background to grow her company. Fletch Window Tint has installed nearly 2 million square feet of automotive and flat glass window film in the San Antonio area of Texas. Sally’s favorite part of being in the window film industry is working one-on-one with her clients. “Happy customers make my day, each and every day,” she said. Sally has advice for other women in the industry: “I think it is important for women to have confidence, first of all, in themselves. Secondly, offer a great product that you are proud to represent, and believe in your product. Finally, realize that regardless of who is sitting on the other side of that desk, you have the ability to turn them into a happy customer! We women possess a great ability to win the respect and confidence of our customers. Charm and intelligence can be a winning combination in any industry.” For more information about Fletch Window Tint, visit www.fletchwindowtint.com.

    Premier Window Tinting

    Meet Susan Machado, owner of Premier Window Tinting in San Antonio, TX.

    For 30 years, Susan Machado supported her husband’s window film business while working another full-time job. After relocating to San Antonio, Susan joined her husband full-time in creating Premier Window Tinting. Her favorite part of being in the window film industry is helping customers with their specific needs. Her advice to other women in the industry: “Don’t hesitate to get involved. Women know the needs of customers and clients out there. Learn the ins and outs of the industry and the technical aspects of the products and what benefits window films offer.” For more information about Premier Window Tinting, visit http://www.premierwindowtinting.com/window-tinting-san-antonio/.

    Ray’s Solar Security

    Meet Jackie Tomlin, office manager and wife of owner Ray Tomlin of Ray’s Solar Security Inc. in Green Cove Springs, FL.

    Jackie began working with her husband in 1997. At that time, she joined Ray at a regional 3M™ Authorized Dealer meeting with her newborn in tow. During that meeting, she developed an interest in growing their auto film business to include flat glass. Her favorite part of working in the window film industry is meeting and helping customers with the various 3M products. “I love the diversity and quality the 3M products have to offer.  There is no room for boredom when you have such a wide range of topics to discuss in the window film field.” For more information about Ray’s Solar Security, Inc., visit https://www.rays3mwindowtinting.com/.

    Solar Tech Glass Tinting & Graphics

    Meet Pam Weakley, owner of Solar Tech Glass Tinting & Graphics in Memphis and Nashville, TN

    Pam recalls being 12 years old and working in her dad’s office, answering the phones, filing papers and harassing the installers. As an adult, she took over the business after her dad’s retirement and expanded the company’s line to include 3M™ Graphics, 3M™ Architectural Finishes, and signage. She loves everything about being in the window film industry, from building relationships with customers to now watching her sons now take over the operation. Advice for other women in the industry: “Knowledge! You have to be an expert… stretch those wings and get your hard hats and steel toed boots on. Don’t be afraid to step in the mud on those construction sites. Learn how to read blue prints. Chase the jobs and don’t wait for the phone to ring. Love and respect your installers. They are the backbone and the face of your company. They make you who you are. Without great installers you can’t be a great company.” For more information about Solar Tech Glass Tinting & Graphics, visit https://gosolartech.com/.

    For more information about 3M™ Window Film or becoming a 3M™ Authorized Dealer, contact Accent Distributing at (941) 922-5286 or visit https://accentdistributing.com/.

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