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  • Protect Your Investment Before Leaving The Dealership

     In Automotive

    We’ve all been there. The new car smell, the clean interior and the excitement when driving away from the dealership in your new vehicle. However, there is one thing to ask your dealer about before leaving.

    3M™ Paint Protection Film provides your vehicle’s surface a layer of security so that you can sleep at night. The film protects the surface of your vehicle from rocks, bugs, sand, keys, salt, rings and more. Paint protection film helps to keep your vehicle looking newer longer and protects the surface paint against scratches, chips and other outside elements.

    History Lesson

    Do you remember the days of car bras? Back in the day, they would wrap the front of cars and trucks with a fabric muzzle that protected vehicles from flying debris and bugs. Today’s version of a car bra now goes unnoticed. With 3M’s technology, a clear film is placed on your vehicle’s surface in the most vulnerable areas, including the hood, bumper, fender, mirror backs, door edges and trunk ledge.

    The 3M Difference

    No other company has been producing paint protection films longer than 3M, which uses science and technology to develop its products. And we know from Post-It™ Notes that 3M is one of the global leaders in developing and manufacturing adhesives, films and coatings – the main components of paint protection film. In fact, the company invented paint protection film more than 50 years ago and created the PPF category in the automotive industry. 3M continues to lead the market forward, setting the industry standard with the newest version of Paint Protection Film, Pro Series.

    Easy To Clean

    You just purchased a new car and you’ll want to keep that clean look as long as possible. Paint protection film is easy to maintain. After installation, wait one week before washing or waxing your car to ensure proper adhesion. Use waxes with no dyes, abrasive polishes or rubbing compounds. After waxing, remove any wax build-up with a lint-free cloth.

    Don’t Leave Without It

    Congratulations on your new purchase! We hope you will protect it with 3M. It’s worth asking your dealership if they install 3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film. If not, there are plenty of car shops near you that will gladly assist in protecting your new investment. Contact Accent Distributing to get in touch with a local dealer to discuss options.

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