• 3M Window Film Products

    3M Commercial and Residential Sun Control Films

    sun_controlWhether you are seeking to reduce energy costs while enhancing interior lighting, increase comfort and reduce the impact of harmful UV rays on your family or employees, minimize fading on your home or office furniture, enhance security and protect against natural or manmade disasters, or simply add a decorative touch to your home or commercial building, 3M Commercial and Residential Window Film products are the perfect solution.


    3M Safety & Security Window Films

    With 3M Safety and Security Window Films, the windows in your home or office can be transformed from your weakest link into a source of strength, helping protect your valuable belongings from threats such as break-ins, severe weather and other natural and manmade disasters. 3M Safety and Security Window Films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as a combination film with both sun control & safety features.


    3M Heat Loss Prevention Films

    3M Thinsulate Window Film helps provide increased insulation performance, much like upgrading single pane to double pane and double pane to triple pane windows. It can help keep your home or business comfortable year round.


    3M Decorative Window Films

    decorative_doorWhether you are seeking to create privacy or simply to add the luxurious appearance of etched, sandblasted or textured glass to your home or office, 3M Decorative Window Films are the perfect solution, and at a fraction of the cost of installing textured or treated glass.


    3M Daylight Redirecting Films

    sun_control3M Daylight Redirecting Film is designed to move excess light close to the window and redirect it deeper into your home or office building to increase natural lighting. Bringing natural light deeper into a space provides many benefits, such as a reduction in the glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight on family members and employees, while also reducing the need for artificial lighting, which saves energy.


    3M Automotive Window Films

    automotiveWhether you’re looking for breakthrough heat-rejection technology in a clear film or simply to minimize the harmful effects of the sun, 3M Automotive Window Films are an ideal choice. While comfort and style are paramount, our non-metallized film options can also help you stay connected and protected with SPF factors exceeding 1000. Put the innovation of 3M to work for you.