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  • Houston window film company showcases the strength of 3M™ Window Film

     In Dealer Spotlight, Security

    (This story first appeared on Security Magazine’s website in 2020.) In the middle of a tradeshow floor, Abid Quraishi swings a baseball bat and slams it into a glass window. There is a loud crack as the glass shatters. But instead of separating into millions of flying shards, the impacted glass holds together firmly in the frame. Abid goes for another swing, only to prove that the glass still won’t break apart.

    Quraishi, president and owner of Solar X, is no stranger to talking to people about the benefits of 3M’s strongest window films. His demonstration of 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film has been aired on local television networks in the Houston area and is a common attraction at Solar X’s booths at local business and community trade shows.

    Solar X specializes in 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. The company has installed the film on thousands of commercial and residential properties throughout the greater Houston area.

    Known as the world’s leader in adhesive technology, 3M obtained the first patent for window film in the 1960s. 3M™ Safety & Security Film is proven to help withstand blast explosions, earthquakes, severe weather and attempted break ins. This is because of the science, technology, and rigorous testing behind 3M’s product development. Because the film holds together upon initial impact, intruders are slowed and there is more time for emergency officials to arrive.

    Solar X has installed the product on pharmacy windows, glass cabinets inside high-end jewelry stores, retail display windows and more. “We like to call it your invisible burglar bars,” Quraishi said. “You don’t want bars on your windows – especially in affluent areas. 3M’s safety film provides similar protection but remains invisible.”

    Solar X currently has 15 employees, including 8 certified installers. One of those professional installers was featured as an instructor on training videos for 3M. “My installers are amazing at what they do,” Quraishi said.

    For more information about 3M™ Window Film or to be put in touch with a 3M™ Prestige Dealer in your community, visit www.AccentDistributing.com.

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