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  • 3M Window Films Enhance Energy Savings, Employee Comfort and Security

    In today’s global economy, more and more corporations, municipalities, government agencies and other for-profit and nonprofit businesses are turning to Energy Service Companies (ESCOS) to help them implement energy efficiency practices in order to provide a competitive advantage, reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their bottom line.

    Whether for new construction projects or custom retrofits, superior quality 3M Window Films are designed to help ESCOS achieve their customers’ energy efficiency goals in a wide variety of ways.

    Consider the following:

    • 3M Sun Control Window Films help reduce utility bills by up to 10% while lowering temperatures inside a building by up to 16° F (9° C).
    • 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Films help redirect natural light as deep as 40 feet into a building, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting while providing energy savings and increased comfort for employees and staff.
    • 3M Safety & Security Window Films help protect against break-ins, bomb blasts, human impact, severe storms and graffiti and may also help upgrade windows to meet existing building codes without having to replace glass.
    • 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Series Film helps keeps interior spaces comfortable all year, blocking the summer sun but retaining warmth in the winter.
    • 3M Window Films can help improve LEED scores by between 2-11 points and improve ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager™ scores by up to 10 points.
    • 3M Window Films offer an industry leading warranty of up to 15 years with a payback rate of typically 3-7 years.



    THE PROBLEM: In Phoenix, where the temperature often climbs over 100°F, a vast amount of unimpeded sunlight was a serious detriment to efficient, cost-effective cooling for the National Bank of Arizona.

    THE SOLUTION: 3M Sun Control Window Film was installed in the relatively short span of two weeks, with no interior disruption. The film is estimated to be saving the bank 249,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.