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  • Enhance Office Space, Privacy With Decorative Films

     In Decorative

    Recently, window film dealers have noticed a huge increase in the demand for decorative films. With dozens of different designs and finishes available, it’s no surprise that decorative films have become a favorite product of commercial interior designers.

    Decorative window films are self-adhesive, polyester window applications that can replicate the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or textured glass at a fraction of the price. In commercial applications, they’re often used to add privacy to conference rooms or offices, to define specific areas within large spaces without closing them off, or to promote brands using custom, dye-cut logos.

    Plus, they do it all without forcing you to sacrifice access to natural light. Studies have shown that natural light can help speed up patient recovery time, improve student test scores, increase retail sales and boost employee productivity.

    Decorative window films are easily installed, requiring little or no disruption to business as normal. They can also be quickly removed when you’re ready for a change or when design trends shift.

    Most decorative films are intended for interior use, although some manufacturers, like 3M, also offer opaque privacy film that is meant for exterior windows.

    While you may see decorative window films for sale at home improvement and design stores, you’re sure to get the best results if you work with a reputable window film dealer rather than opting to install the film yourself. Their trained installers have lots of experience, and they typically have access to higher-quality film products.

    Experienced installers can apply decorative window film to almost any glass surface, including doors, balconies, stairwells and more. The film requires no extra hardware or maintenance. Plus, you can really get creative with your designs. From linen to walnut finishes, and even dichromatic designs, there is sure to be a decorative film that meets your needs.

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