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  • Cut Energy Costs, Embrace the Natural Light

     In Energy Savings

    Studies have shown that natural light can improve student test scores, boost retail sales and speed up patient recovery time.

    In office settings, it’s been proven to increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism. In some buildings, however, natural light doesn’t make it deep enough for tenants, employees and customers to enjoy its benefits.

    That’s where 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film comes in. 3M is the only manufacturer who makes this special film, which pushes natural light as much as 40 feet deeper into buildings. Daylight Redirecting Film can help you save up to 52 percent on lighting costs by shaving as much as 1.5 kwh of energy per square foot of floor area.

    A strip of Daylight Redirecting Film is installed at the top of the window. It uses micro-replication technology to redirect up to 80 percent of light that would have hit the floor toward the ceiling instead. It works whenever the sun is out, even when it’s at a low angle.

    3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film not only helps push beautiful natural light deeper into commercial spaces. It also helps eliminate annoying glare.

    Authorized 3M film dealers can install Daylight Redirecting Film quickly, without causing major disruptions to your business. It can be installed on existing windows with no extra hardware, maintenance or special cleaning available.

    To learn more, contact Accent Distributing today.

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