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  • 3 Ways 3M Window Film Dealers Are Making A Difference

     In Automotive, Energy Savings, Security, Skin Protection, Window Film Industry

    On April 30th of every year, local window film companies throughout the United States celebrate National Window Film Day through social media posts, email blasts and newsletter mentions to their customers.

    Promoted by the International Window Film Association, National Window Film Day is proclaimed by state governors throughout the country as a time to recognize the impact the window film industry has on communities.

    At Accent Distributing, we work alongside hundreds of 3M™ Authorized Window Film dealers who are contributing to the quality of life within their own communities by installing 3M™ Window Film. This National Window Film Day, we wanted to recognize three ways that 3M film installers are making a difference in their communities through their hard work and dedication.

    Protecting People and Property

    3M™ Safety & Security Film is scientifically proven to slow intruders by up to 2 minutes, including active shooters and smash-and-grab burglars. This extra time means people can seek shelter and local law enforcement has more time to arrive. The film works by holding shattered glass together after impact and preventing flying glass shards from harming people and property.

    3M™ Window Film dealers are installing this film on homes, school campuses, hospital facilities, hotel windows, retail storefronts and more. Safety film also is installed on vehicles to protect people and property from theft and to help prevent glass related injuries during an accident.

    Because of our professional window film installers, these security enhancements can be put in place to save lives and protect property.

    Protecting Our Skin, Floors and Furniture

    No one knows window film quite like 3M, which invented the first solar film in 1966. Since then, 3M’s scientifically proven film has been installed on vehicles and buildings globally to improve our overall quality of life.

    3M™ Window Films for both buildings and vehicles have proven to reject 99 percent of UV light. Extensive exposure to ultraviolet rays is linked to skin cancer and fading furniture and flooring. It’s like adding 1,000 SPF sunscreen on your windows to protect you and your family.

    3M’s certified installers are putting this film on windows throughout your community, including school classrooms, hotel rooms, airport terminal glass and much more. In some cases, dealerships employ installers or contract with local dealers to add the film to vehicles before they are driven off a lot. This is so that you can enjoy your windows even more and know you are protected.

    Making Our Lives More Comfortable

    3M’s window tint also has proven to reduce glare and heat, thus making our lives more comfortable.

    For your home and office, 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series rejects up to 97 percent of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light and up to 60 percent of the heat coming through windows. This means that your HVAC unit does not have to work as hard, saving you on energy expenses.

    Meanwhile, 3M™ Automotive Window Film, Crystalline Series rejects up to 60 percent of solar energy and 97 percent of heat-producing infrared rays. Imagine being able to get into a vehicle that isn’t as hot and being able to cool down even quicker with you’re A/C.

    3M’s films for both vehicles and buildings also have scientifically proven to reduce glare, which can improve the view from any vehicle or building.

    3M™ Certified Installers ensure that you can feel comfortable near your windows. When installed by a professional, your film is backed by 3M’s warranty.

    Window Film Installers Improve Our Lives

    This April, as we celebrate National Window Film Day, consider supporting your local window film dealers in your own community. These men and women are making a difference in your quality of life by installing 3M™ Window Film on the places you frequent, including stores, hospitals, schools, homes, vehicles and more. In many cases, they have been professionally trained and certified. Their installations are backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranties.

    Connect with a 3M™ Authorized Dealer in your community by contacting us at (941) 922-5268. We can direct you to your nearest dealer.

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