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  • Celebrate National Window Film Day this April by Installing 3M™ Window Film on your Home

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    The summer is coming and so is the heat. Protect your home with 3M™ Sun Control Window Films this April to help prevent heat pockets near windows and lower energy costs associated with cooling your home.

    The International Window Film Association recognizes April 30 as National Window Film Day. State governors throughout the United States sign a proclamation each year to acknowledge National Window Film Day and the positive impacts window film installation have on residential and commercial buildings. Window film is one of the most cost-effective means for energy savings.

    Help Stop Heat Pockets in Your Home, Lower Energy Costs

    3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series is scientifically designed to prevent heat pockets from forming near the windows in your home. The films are constructed to control the light waves as they pass through or reflect off the multiple layers that make up the film.

    Compared to other films, the Prestige Series is designed to increase its performance when the sun is at the highest in the sky. 3M states in its brochure, “All window films are tested when the sun is perpendicular to the window. 3M™ Prestige Series Window Films are tested when the sun is at the hottest part of the day.”

    The Department of Energy reports that heat can through windows is responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential and cooling energy use. The Prestige Series is scientifically proven to reject up to 97 percent of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light and up to 60 percent of the heat coming through the window. This leads to energy cost savings associated with cooling your home.

    Help Prevent Fading and Glare

    3M’s solar control films are designed to help stop glare and prevent fading furniture and floors.

    While no film can completely stop fading floors, furniture, paintings and other home belongings, 3M™ Window Film has proven to prevent 99 percent of UV light from entering through your windows. The sun’s UV rays are the leading source of fading, and the film has proven to significantly slow the fading process.

    The films also reduces glare, which can cause eye strain. Enjoy watching screens, from a computer or television, more comfortably due to 3M™ Sun Control Window Film and its glare reduction properties.

    Add A Layer of Security

    3M™ Safety & Security Film, Ultra Prestige Series contains the sun control properties of 3M’s Prestige Series but also adds a layer of protection for security.

    The micro-layered film is designed to hold shattered glass together after impact, preventing the glass shards from flying. This has been proven to delay unwanted entry by up to two full minutes, meaning that there is more time for emergency officials to arrive.

    Speak to A Film Expert in Your Community

    Those across the industry, from installers and manufacturers to distributors and dealers, will be celebrating National Window Film Day on April 30. Join the celebration and add 3M™ Sun Control Window Film to your home this April.

    Accent Distributing, a 3M™ Window Film Distributor, works with a network of dealers and installers throughout the southern United States and Caribbean. Contact us today to be put in touch with someone in your community. Reach us at (941) 922-5268 or email insidesales@accentdistributing.com.

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