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  • 3M™ Window Tinting Helps Protect Sea Turtles

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    Homeowners and property managers along the coastline can do their part to help protect sea turtles.

    Sea turtle nesting season starts May 1 and comes to an end on October 31. During these months, it is important to shield artificial light coming from properties on the coastline. 3M™ Window Film can help.

    Sea Turtles Need the Dark

    Deterred by artificial lights found on beachfront properties, nesting sea turtles may fail to come ashore to nest on brightly lit beaches.

    Artificial lights also attract sea turtle hatchlings toward land where they can become disoriented and die from exhaustion, dehydration or predators on the beach. It is important that the sea turtle hatchlings can follow the reflection of the moon in the water, as it guides them to the ocean where they are safe in their habitat.

    Many counties and states have laws regarding light emission from beachfront properties.

    For example, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommends decreasing light-pollution affecting sea turtles by applying window tint to windows that meets the 45% or less inside to outside light transmittance standards for tinted glass.

    Sea Turtle Friendly Window Tinting

    3M™ Sun Control Window Films can help businesses and those living along the coastline with ways to minimize light on the beach during turtle nesting season. These films are designed to control the visible light transmission.

    Avoid costly glass replacement with turtle glass. The prestige films can be applied to any glass type, offering a range of 40 to 90% visible light transmission. This exceeds local sea turtle building codes, eliminating glass-related confusion of the turtles without impacting aesthetics or view.

    The film also can improve the comfort inside your home or business. 3M films work to stop harsh sunlight from streaming through windows creating excessive heat, uncomfortable hot spots and glares. When unfiltered sun shines through windows, fabrics, wallpaper, wood floors, artwork, photos and other valuables may fade. This leads to high costs associated with replacement over time.

    Accent Distributing Helps with Comfort and Protection

    3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Series is the perfect way to upgrade your beachfront views while contributing to the conservation of sea turtles. The film helps stay in compliance with specific laws that are enforced for beachfront properties, improve comfort and protect wildlife.

    Accent Distributing is focused on promoting the safety and welfare of sea turtles along all of its territory’s coastline including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, as well as the Caribbean.

    Learn more about how to help hatchling turtles survive and bring your home or business in compliance with local ordinances using 3M™ Window Film. Contact Accent Distributing to speak to a film expert at (941) 922-5268 or email insidesales@accentdistributing.com.

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