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  • 3M™ Window Film Keeps People and Property Safe at 2012 Summer Olympics

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    (This story was first written for Security Magazine in 2020.) Steve Chambers recalls vividly the work that he and his team did on the Olympic Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London in preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    At the time, he was the chief executive officer of Pentagon Protection, a 3M™ Authorized Window Film installation company in the United Kingdom. They had been hired to install 3M™ Safety & Security Film on the outside exterior glass, including stairwells and sports boxes and on several prominent buildings involved with the games.

    The Olympic committee was interested in protecting the public from glass hazards – everything from bomb blast mitigation and forced entry protection to containment of glass shards caused by spontaneous combustion. Those that had hired Steve and his team had selected 3M™ Window Film from a competitive bid process.

    “They had confidence in the 3M brand,” Steve said. “They knew they were getting a quality product that had been extensively tested and was backed by a strong warranty from a financially stable company. People trust the brand because they knew it would perform well.”

    3M™ Safety & Security Film has been installed worldwide due to its proven ability to cost-effectively protect people and property. In the event of an explosion, the film holds the glass together to minimize injuries caused by flying glass shards. The film is also used to prevent forced entry and for active shooter prevention. The film has proven to delay entry for up to two minutes, giving people time to take cover and for first responders to arrive.

    3M is known for its science, technology and innovation. As a global leader in adhesive technologies, 3M’s films have been tested on numerous glazing types under a variety of blast loads, including testing against bomb blasts and explosions, safety glazing and human impact, break and entry and seismic and spontaneous glass breakage.

    Prior to leading Pentagon Protection, Steve had worked directly for 3M from 2002 to 2010. He ran their West Coast distribution center and later became a territory sales manager for 3M™ Window Film. During that time, he became personally familiar with the testing 3M’s film undergoes. “I’ve seen the film perform under actual conditions when lives and property are on the line. I know it works and can recommend it to customers and clients with complete confidence,” he said. “The last thing you ever want is for the film to fail at a critical moment. You want a quality product you know is going to perform.”

    Since installing the film for the 2012 Olympics, Steve moved back to the United States. He now operates his own window film company, Metro Tint Texas, out of Dallas. As a 3M™ Authorized Prestige Dealer, Metro Tint services the entire north Texas area. With a team of three full-time and two part-time installers, the company specializes in film for residential and commercial properties. Steve said his company has always focused on 3M™ Window Film. “I have a lot of respect for the quality of the product and the brand,” Steve said.

    Contact Steve Chambers at Metro Tint at (214) 617-1086. For more information about 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film, or to speak to an expert, contact Accent Distributing, a 3M™ Authorized Distributor, at (941) 922-5268.

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