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  • 3M Security Films Keep Windows Intact Upon Impact

     In Security

    Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of any building, but there’s a way to help prevent injuries and burglaries that are the result of broken exterior glass.

    Window film holds glass together in the event of impact, whether its caused by criminals, severe weather or even just a wayward baseball. The film doesn’t prevent the glass from breaking, but rather seals the glass shards in, reducing the risk of broken-glass related injuries and preventing access to the building’s interior space.

    Industry-leading films, like 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, coupled with an attachment system, can even help mitigate the results of a bomb blast or earthquake.

    Security films are self-adhesive, micro-layered window applications that are tear resistant. They can slow down intruders by minutes, depending on their size, their tools and the thickness of the glass underneath.

    Thousands of schools, medical facilities, factories and retail stores around the country are already taking advantage of impact-resistant films.

    In addition to preventing burglaries, there are window films on the market that can slow down even armed intruders giving first responders precious extra time to arrive at the scene. But remember, no window film is bullet proof.

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