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  • Commercial Properties Benefit from 3M Window Film

     In Skin Protection

    There are many reasons to have window film applied to your commercial space. While you might be able to see and feel some the film’s effects right away – like lower energy bills and reduced glare – other benefits might be less obvious.

    Though we can’t see the sun’s UV rays, they can still do serious damage to our skin and our belongings. Applying a good solar window film, such as 3M’s award winning Sun Control Window Film, is like slathering your building in SPF 1000. The film blocks the sun’s harmful radiation, while keeping tenants, employees and customers more comfortable. Window film as a sun block is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

    UV radiation from the sun is associated with about 90 percent of all skin cancers, according to the Archives of Dermatology. In addition, National Institute of Health studies show that UV rays can cause impaired wound healing and DNA damage, while contributing to up to 80 percent of visible facial aging signs.

    UV rays aren’t only a threat to your skin, but they can also cause your furnishings, flooring and merchandise to fade. If you invest in new furniture, artwork or floors, it only makes sense to invest in window film to protect it.

    For this reason, window film is a popular product at hotels, where expensive furnishings need to look fresh, and in art galleries, where the film protects the artworks while preserving the natural light.

    Quality window films, like 3M™ Night Vision Window Film, address all three major causes of fading: UV radiation (which attributes to 40 percent of sun damage), visible light and solar heat. While no window film can completely eliminate fading, it can significantly slow it down by blocking these three contributing factors.

    Thanks to its ability to protecting furniture and flooring, the American Society of Interior Designers has even named 3M™ Window Film a partner.

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