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  • Enhance Your Office Space’s Design and Branding

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    You might know that window film offers added security and sun protection, but did you know that it also has benefits when it comes to design and branding?

    In fact, window film dealers across the country have noticed a growth in their decorative film sales. That’s because it’s a versatile product that offers many advantages from adding privacy to providing clever branding opportunities for companies.

    These self-adhesive, polyester window films can mimic the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or textured glass at a much lower price. They’re frequently used by businesses to provide privacy in conference rooms or offices, or to promote brands through dye-cut logos. They can also help may small spaces look much larger.

    Best of all, they look stylish and block the sun’s harmful UV rays while allowing in the natural light that would otherwise be blocked by blinds and curtains. Studies have shown that natural light can help increase retail sales, improve patient recovery times, boost students test scores and more.

    Though you might see decorative films for sale at hardware or design stores, it’s best to hire a reputable window film dealer to complete your installation. They can do it with relatively little disruption to your business and they offer the highest-quality products.

    Decorative window films can be applied to almost any glass surface, from retails storefronts to bathroom windows. Manufacturers like 3M offer dozens of versatile decorative finishes.

    While most decorative window films are intended for interior use, some manufacturers also make exterior privacy film which typically has a mirrored appearance that prevents people outside from seeing in.

    For more information about 3M Window Film, contact Accent Distributing.

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